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Wet Seal: A Very Pretty & Feminine Email Design

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Wet-Seal: A Very Pretty Email Design - Thumbnail

Wet Seal’s March 8th email. Here’s an example of a borderless email, it’s always fun to see how designers are executing it. At times like this it’s done very well as it fits the the youthful, feminine and floral theme of the design. I simply love how the type is done for “Naive, natural & innocent”, its just so PRETTY. The two call to action links follow immediately. Wet seal obviously wants you to go to one of those two places, and smartly so because with web design and especially email design, you have to spoon feed viewers and nudge them along to where you want to lead them. All it takes is that decision in a millisecond where you are not providing the next obvious step for the viewer, and on to the next email. The outfit on the girl is also subtlety called out with the link “love this look”, and visually matches the Tees section. Also love the clean and subtle design of that section, with the subtle design on the tee montage (creating dimension, breaking out of the border, drop shadow) and of course the most important information to hook me – that it’s seven dollars!

Wet-Seal: A Very Pretty Email Design

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