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Genius “Mediocre” Design – Urban Outfitters: April Fool’s Email

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Urban Outfitters Email: April Fools / What's New - Thumbnail

Urban Outfitter’s April Fools email, titled “Take 10% Off – Today Only!”. Indeed fitting to the theme, there’s no way I wouldn’t do a double-take with the imagery selected. Something out of the ordinary, random and unconventional will always catch our attention, it’s human nature! With some emails, its the beautiful imagery, delicate typography, shiny new productsor irresistible deals that makes the email. With this one, its really none the above. You can find much better deals elsewhere than 10%, not even including free shipping. The image is borderline grainy and not product related or referring to anything new (in “what’s new”). The typography is odd and slapped on. However as a whole, this email is GENIUS. Also included is a sense of urgency, as this mediocre deal is valid for “today only”. The surprising rotation of the background just about ensures a click thru for me, plus “THIS IS NOT A JOKE.”

Urban Outfitters Email: April Fools / What's New

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