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Top 4 Picks for the Memorial Day Weekend Sale Email

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Happy Memorial Day, Inbox Junky Fans! I’ve always found designing emails for holidays like Memorial Day, President’s Day, and Fourth of July to be a huge challenge. The patriotic color and themes pose a huge restriction on the imagery an email designer is able to use. It’s all about finding that tiny sliver of overlap where the brand and the theme speaks the same visual language. Here are my top 4 picks for this holiday weekend…

1. Fredrick’s of Hollywood Memorial Day Weekend Email titled “FREE SHIPPING, no minimum. Save on sexy swim. Plus, $10 off.”

I love the visual organization and typography of this design. My favorite components of this email are the typeface choice for “celebrate…”, the subtle usage of black on the word “plus” to bring attention and visually separate, and the dotwack on the bottom right, it’s just do damn beautiful.



2. Aeropostale’s Memorial Day Weekend Special email, titled “Memorial Day Weekend Sale! 50% Off Everything + $20 Off Beach Pass!”

A variation from the traditional blue of “red, white and blue” but still appropriate for the theme. A great example of how there is flexibility in a given color pallet. Adding the color yellow to the design while using the hero shot of the couple smiling really does add some fun to the “Summer Fun Sale”.


3. Urban Outfitter’s holiday weekend sale email, titled “This Weekend: SALE”.

Oh wow, this reminds me of drawing on the pc application Paint back in the days (and also Prince Poppycock’s Red White and Blue performance on AGT). I think the color pallet is directly taken from Paint too. Skewed and rotated text, starbursts, checks, and flags, a ridiculous layout, is this a bit overwhelming for you too? When I look at the email design, they practically guarantee that I’m not able to concentrate on much else. This may not be red white and blue, but it’s incredibly gutsy and self assured of Urban Outfitters to put out something so outrageous.



4. Bath and Body Work’s “Red White and Clean” email titled “New! Limited Edition Anti-Bac + $1 Shipping!”

Bath and Body Works actually had 2 more recent Memorial Day Weekend Sale emails, but I think this layout and pallet conveyed the holiday weekend perfectly. Lucky for BBW, the products they’re promoting already have the stars and the stripes on the packaging. When your product shots are geared towards the specific theme, the rest of the layout is cake.


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