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The Ultimate Waste Of Time: Sending Badly Timed Emails

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The formula for a successful a email campaign is the combination of a few certain factors. Not only do you have to balance stellar design with the right amount/tone of copy, an effective call to action, wording the title just right, you also want to time your email blasts for its highest potential reach. With a standard industry click rate of as low as 2%, the ultimate waste of time would be to time your email blasts at a time no one want to click on things. The post “Best Time to Send Emails” from BeautifulEmails.com provides great insight on the science and psychology behind superbly timed emails.

Read the complete Best Time to Send Emails Article HERE

Not mentioned in the article is that the day you send your email blasts is also incredibly important. Studies show that emails send between Monday to Wednesdays receive the highest click-thru rate, with Tuesday being the optimal day.

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