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User Reviews – The Body Shop: Five Stars…

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The Body Shop Email: Review and Save - Thumbnail

The Body Shop’s March 22nd Email, titled “Write a Review and enjoy 10% OFF your next online order!” More and more large companies are moving towards including reviews on their product pages, much like the online marketplace giant Amazon.com. Consumers love reading reviews and experiences of “real customers” (straight from the email text), not to mention that the first thing I personally read about a product are customer reviews if available.

Focusing an entire email around user reviews is smart and exponentially beneficial for The Body Shop. Featuring the products that’s gotten great reviews (and visually showing the full stars), they conveys quality and trust with the viewer. Mind you, that’s only the secondary message. The call to action is to actually leave a review. This is with great incentive too, as the reviewer will receive 10% off their next purchase. The chosen copy is friendly and attractive, because in the right mood, of course I would want to “help fellow purchasers make smarter choices” and help The Body Shop improve their products. It makes it appear as if my opinion can determine future products, regardless of whether it really does or not.

Lastly and simply enough, the email is well designed. With clean and thoughtful type/imagery hierarchy, the saturation of the colors are fitting to the freshness of what I would expect from The Body Shop products. This is a perfect example of awesome gradient usage – creating separation between the three product sections and adding spatial plane for the product shots to visually relate to/sit on. I love this email overall, but my favorite part is the typography in the “2 for $10” dotwhack!

The Body Shop Email: Review and Save

More info behind the benefits of user reviews at my favorite design/usability site in theĀ  Smashing Magazine post, How To Engage Customers In Your E-Commerce Website.

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