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Simple & Sweet: Juicy Couture’s Sweater and Handbags Email

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Juicy Couture Handbag & Sweater Emails - Thumbnail

Two of my favorite emails from one of my favorite (email design) brands. The first, titled “It’s in the (leather) bag!” sent on Sept 7th, 11, and second, the titled “Track Chic | The Margot Jacket” sent Jan 19, 12. Interestingly enough, they increased the artwork space from approximately 660px to 725px wide. Adapting to the trend of larger screens? Read the rest of this entry »

Contrast and Montage: Sephora’s “The Big Reveal”

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Sephora's The Big Reveal

Sephora’s “The Big Reveal” email, titled “Look inside…”. What tantalizing title and what pictures shiny products I want to purchase immediately. As I’ve mentioned before in the Why Reviews Help post, consumers are paying a lot more attention to what their fellow shoppers are recommending. This email combines that human element with a large impactful montage READ MORE…

Top 4 Picks for the Memorial Day Weekend Sale Email

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Happy Memorial Day, Inbox Junky Fans! I’ve always found designing emails for holidays like Memorial Day, President’s Day, and Fourth of July to be a huge challenge. The patriotic color and themes pose a huge restriction on the imagery an email designer is able to use. It’s all about finding that tiny sliver of overlap where the brand and the theme speaks the same visual language. Here are my top 4 picks for this holiday weekend… READ MORE…