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Taking a Look at Urgency in Email Design

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Taking a Look at Urgency Emails

You say its urgent/So urgent, so oh oh urgent – “Urgent” by Foreigner (1981)

Discounting has slowly crept its way into nearly every email you receive from retailers.

If you check you email on Sunday you will find an incredible about of urgency.

Not only are retailers discounting everything they have in stock, they are bringing a sense of urgency to the situation. The classic short-term focus is getting people to make purchases right now even if the customers know that there will be another sale in a few days.

It’s a crazy trend in retail, but it must be working because nearly every retailer (except Amazon) is doing it. People are responding to these urgency emails so there is a reason to take a deeper look at the design and determine what retailers are doing to separate themselves from others with urgency emails.

Eventually it would seem that people would catch on to these urgency emails and if that happens the design would get even more important. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Ways Mobile Changes Email Design

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10 Ways Mobile Changes Email Design

Mobile is a big shift in the way people consume information.

Businesses, organizations and anyone that sends emails will need to figure out how to best earn the attention of mobile users. People are using their phones, smartphones, tablets, and other variations of mobile devices to open their inboxes.

As consumers access email more with their mobile devices it becomes necessary for email marketers and designers to understand how to best design email to earn attention and sales. Read the rest of this entry »