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Simple & Sweet: Juicy Couture’s Sweater and Handbags Email

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Juicy Couture Handbag & Sweater Emails - Thumbnail

Two of my favorite emails from one of my favorite (email design) brands. The first, titled “It’s in the (leather) bag!” sent on Sept 7th, 11, and second, the titled “Track Chic | The Margot Jacket” sent Jan 19, 12. Interestingly enough, they increased the artwork space from approximately 660px to 725px wide. Adapting to the trend of larger screens?

The structure of the header, main promotion & secondary promos work very well for them. It allows for a nicely scaled main image, while they keep text to a minimum. The placement of the pink call to action button in the second email is unconventional, unobtrusive and innovative, love it!

The secondary promos visually rounds out the design nicely. The tone throughout is subtle and reserved – of course its an email to sell you stuff, but their copy is quite passive. I have to say though, 100% of their emails (in 2011) with people in them, 100% are blonds & brunettes. I’m guessing they know their audience?

Juicy Couture Handbags Email Design

Juicy Couture Sweater Meets Track Jacket Email Design

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