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Contrast and Montage: Sephora’s “The Big Reveal”

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Sephora's The Big Reveal

Sephora’s “The Big Reveal” email, titled “Look inside…”. What tantalizing title and what pictures shiny products I want to purchase immediately. As I’ve mentioned before in the Why Reviews Help post, consumers are paying a lot more attention to what their fellow shoppers are recommending. This email combines that human element with a large impactful montage of the recommended products by the “magazine industry’s most powerful and glamorous Beauty Directors”. The black and white contrast of the background, the extreme condensed typeface of the headline with a roman subtext, large exaggerated quotation marks beside the clean body text. The montage in this design is also to be recognized, as montages are often a challenge to execute and designers need to mind the image choice (most of the time, designers don’t get to choose the image). It is essential that the product shots have clean edges so the montage appear realistic, as well as having consistent perspective (straight on, front the side, top, etc). I love the beautiful negative space on the left column, and how as you scroll to the bottom of the email, the elements and colors used complete of the visual story of this email.


Sephora's "The Big Reveal" Email Design

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