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Supercute Segmented Sale – Old Navy Easter Savings

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Old Navy Easter Segmented Sale Email Design - Thumbnail

Old Navy’s Easter Day Sale, titled “Get 25% Off–Today Only! + FREE Shipping Every Day”. When companies decide to do what I call “segmented sales” email blasts, which covers multi-day sales (such as this) or multi-discount sale (10% off with $50 purchase, 15% off with $75 purchase, etc), the design comes secondary to the message. These emails are often a challenge to design, because its such a delicate balance between the hierarchy of information, clarity of the message AND good design.

For this Old Navy Easter Sale email, they ultilize a linear message, reading from top to bottom and left to right. Everything underneath the main headline “Early shoppers get the sweetest savings…” reinforces the message, with each text and imagery segment getting smaller by the day. Also supporting that is my favorite and cutest component of this email, which is where the chocolate bunny loses more and more of its chocolatey goodness the longer you wait… thus the marketing message reminds us to “hop to it”.

Love the use of complementary navy blue and orange shades, as well as the pasted pinks & purples. Old Navy’s email designs are often saturated with bright colors and loud text, but in this instance, the conservative pallet is appropriate for the occasion. I also love the minimal and effective use of white, as it instantly leads your through the message they want to sell: “sweetest savings” to “25% off” to promo code.

My two critiques with the email both concern the disclaimer text “any old navy purchase”, one is on copy and the other is on design. First, it just seems kind of conflicting to follow a sentence that says “any purchase” with “dresses and other restrictions apply! ASTERISK!!!”, common copywriters, really? Second, the disclaimer text is way bigger than the shop links, from a design standpoint that just makes no sense to me. Are the shop links that unimportant?

Overall, kudos to a sweetly designed email blast with minor issues.


Old Navy Easter Segmented Sale Email Design

Some tips on getting started with a good segmented sale email:

-underneath the main headline, define a grid of columns or rows depending on the number of segments

-thin lines in between the sections help visually separate the information without making the design seem too busy

-choose your colors, imagery and typefaces depending on the theme of the sale, the design will come together quicker this way



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