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Design Inspiration: 5 Examples of Successful Promotional Emails

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Design Inspiration: 5 Examples of Successful Promotional Emails

We live in a promotional world.

Since the economies around the world have changed in the past five years there has been a push toward focus on promotions and sales. Consumers are looking for value in their purchases and perceived value comes from getting discounts.

What’s difficult for designers is coming up with unique promotional emails designs. For product-focused emails there are usually photographs and images to use. As a designer it’s a little easier to get creative, but with a promotion or discount there can be a lack of focus.

It’s frustrating because there is nothing really exciting about 20% Off that the promotion itself doesn’t already say. It’s a challenge, but there are examples of some companies doing the best they can with promotional emails.

Here are five examples of successful promotional emails.

1. Creative Color and Font Use by C. Wonder

C Wonder Email Marketing Design

C. Wonder is an interesting company. They’re a relatively new brand and they have this quirky nature. I subscribe to their email feed to get a feel for what they were doing because the look of their brand just had the feel for the creative.

Two things are successful with this email.

First, the color stands out in the inbox. The bright pink is eye catching, but it fits with the brand. I think that’s important. You want to use bright colors for promotions, but you don’t want to get too far away from what your brand is about.

Second, このサイトを訪問 the font fits the branding of C. Wonder. Like color, font or type is important. There is nothing worse than opening up a plain email with a nice graphic, but basic type.


2. Continue Merchandising like Under Armour

Under Armour Email Marketing Design

Something that’s simple yet easy to forget is that consumers buy products; they do not buy promotions. The promotion is enough to interest in the email. You can do that with the subject line and maybe a headline in the email, but remember that you still need to showcase your product.

Under Armour knows what their customers want. They merchandise for their customers and even in their free shipping email they show products.


3. Different Options from Woolrich

Woolrich Email Marketing Design

This email is from Woolrich. I scrolled down a little bit to show you the interesting part of the email. You’ll see that Woolrich does a pretty basic promotional callout with the main feature in the email, but I’m interested in the three red sections below.

Woolrich understands that people are interested in different things. The company doesn’t get too crazy with options because they don’t want to overwhelm the customer, but they do give a few different options and I think that’s a good thing to change up the regular promotional email design.


4. Use Lifestyle Photography like Lee Jeans
Lee Jeans Email Marketing Design

The promotional email seems to get designers away from lifestyle photography. There appear to be many more images and graphics than photographs in promotional emails. I like what Lee Jeans does in this promotional email. The photography gives viewers an idea of what the brand is about. The old adage that a photograph says a thousand words is true in selling merchandise. It’s about branding and connecting with the consumer.


5. Be Simply Stunning like Sundance
Sundance Email Marketing Design

The Sundance email program is another one I love getting in my inbox. Each email has such personality and they even do a great job with the promotional emails.

This example is from a recent sale even they had in their catalog. Normally promotional emails and sales emails might not mesh well with the brand identity. If you don’t want your promotion to get too sales-y then add some life with photography. We mentioned lifestyle photography above, but you can also use some photography of products you have.

And it doesn’t need to be photography. Stunning emails can have a great mix of colors or and interesting array or products. Focus on being stunning instead of simply doing the traditional color block callout.

That’s what we have for 5 examples of successful promotional emails. If you have additional comments please share.

Dayne Shuda is a contributing blogger for Fluttermail. He writes about the latest trends in email marketing on the Fluttermail blog. Fluttermail is an email provider for small businesses.

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