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An Very Animated Valentine’s Day – VDAY Email Designs

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Valentine's Day Animated Emails

I’ve never seen so many animated emails for one occasion before, I wonder whats the thinking behind that. From the subtle to the extreme, here are a few that stood out: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Just SO Friggin Gorgeous: Lollia’s “The Perfect Gift” (Black Friday) Email

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Lollia Black Friday Email - Thumbnail

I do believe Lollia has just hired an email designer, as I’ve never received anything from them previously but got three in my inbox within the last two weeks. Some of you may know, I am a HUGE candle enthusiast (as the creative behind KOKOCANDLES: handmade candles for the non-boring), so when clicked on this email from the candle account, I was blown away at how delightfully beautiful the design was. I am not surprised, as their packaging and website are both quite lovely. Read the rest of this entry »

Contrast and Montage: Sephora’s “The Big Reveal”

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Sephora's The Big Reveal

Sephora’s “The Big Reveal” email, titled “Look inside…”. What tantalizing title and what pictures shiny products I want to purchase immediately. As I’ve mentioned before in the Why Reviews Help post, consumers are paying a lot more attention to what their fellow shoppers are recommending. This email combines that human element with a large impactful montage READ MORE…

User Reviews – The Body Shop: Five Stars…

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The Body Shop Email: Review and Save - Thumbnail

The Body Shop’s March 22nd Email, titled “Write a Review and enjoy 10% OFF your next online order!” More and more large companies are moving towards including reviews on their product pages, much like the online marketplace giant Amazon.com. Consumers love reading reviews and READ MORE…