...Because emails and email design[er]s need love too

My name is Paoling, and I have developed a strange love for good email design. Designing for SpeedoUSA.com, Disney and many others in the past, I have pixel pushed email and homepage designs toward its short-lived glory. Through that experience and constant research, it’s opened my eyes to a whole different concept of design. It’s hard work with the shortest life span, it’s almost always considered “junk” or “trash”, it’s caring too much about seemingly pointless things, like the the color of  shop links, whether putting “free shipping” before the promo converts to more sales (study shows it does), and always minding the damn “fold”.

Well, email designers, here’s one to us. Hope you find the contents in the blog beautiful and useful in all your work.

Paoling is currently a freelance designer and artist based in Los Angeles, CA. See her past design adventures at www.paolingche.com and connect with her on LinkedIn here.

If you also have a thing email design or email related topics and is interested in contributing, please contact us at here.