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Design Inspiration Gallery: Emails With Split Features (Vol 1)

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If you are in the business of email design, there will be a time when a campaign calls 2 topics or features with equal prominence. The challenge here is showing both images/product beautifully while achieving the message AND incorporating necessary text/call to action. Here are some successful email designs that solves this problem, hope you find it helpful in your designs.


5 Trends in Email Marketing for 2013

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You say its urgent/So urgent, so oh oh urgent – “Urgent” by Foreigner (1981)

We’re already a quarter of the way through 2013 and so much as happened in the email world.

Companies and organizations are using things like Big Data and software tools to make email even more relevant to consumers.

With email still one of the top activities of Internet users it’s no doubt important to understand what the best brands in the world are doing this year.

Take these trends into account as you make your ongoing email plans for 2013.
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Taking a Look at Urgency in Email Design

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Taking a Look at Urgency Emails

You say its urgent/So urgent, so oh oh urgent – “Urgent” by Foreigner (1981)

Discounting has slowly crept its way into nearly every email you receive from retailers.

If you check you email on Sunday you will find an incredible about of urgency.

Not only are retailers discounting everything they have in stock, they are bringing a sense of urgency to the situation. The classic short-term focus is getting people to make purchases right now even if the customers know that there will be another sale in a few days.

It’s a crazy trend in retail, but it must be working because nearly every retailer (except Amazon) is doing it. People are responding to these urgency emails so there is a reason to take a deeper look at the design and determine what retailers are doing to separate themselves from others with urgency emails.

Eventually it would seem that people would catch on to these urgency emails and if that happens the design would get even more important. Read the rest of this entry »

Fall Season Holiday Email Strategy Overview

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The fourth quarter is here and businesses in many industries are betting on email marketing success.

The holiday season presents a time of big spending by consumers and enterprise businesses. People open the checkbooks every year in the fourth quarter and businesses bet much of the entire year’s success on this time of year.

Email continues to be one of the most profitable marketing campaigns for businesses in a variety of industries. Now that the holiday season is here there are some things you can do to make sure your campaigns are being optimized for this year and next. Read the rest of this entry »

Design Inspiration: 5 Examples of Successful Promotional Emails

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Design Inspiration: 5 Examples of Successful Promotional Emails

We live in a promotional world.

Since the economies around the world have changed in the past five years there has been a push toward focus on promotions and sales. Consumers are looking for value in their purchases and perceived value comes from getting discounts.

What’s difficult for designers is coming up with unique promotional emails designs. For product-focused emails there are usually photographs and images to use. As a designer it’s a little easier to get creative, but with a promotion or discount there can be a lack of focus. Read the rest of this entry »